The Secret Of Reiki Home Study Course


by Kimberlee Cusumano

My Story of Discovering All That Reiki Has To Offer


My name is Kimberlee, I am a ‘Reiki Master Teacher’ and I look forward to sharing my journey, my experience and knowledge through The Secret of Reiki !

Years ago I was struggling after facing the loss of my brother and mother in a tragedy, followed by one hardship after another and illness after illness. My mind was full of chaos and my heart felt like it just shut down.

I felt alone, depressed and hopeless. I knew there had to be lessons and more to life than the despair I was experiencing.

Visiting a park one afternoon, I met a woman who suggested Reiki as a modality to help guide me to a foundation of self-realization and healing, starting at a core level.  I had understanding of the spirit world with my personal intuitive connections as a psychic medium all my life, but without understanding Reiki.  I took a step of faith- after all what could it hurt- I attended classes, began to feel lifted, centered, at peace and it was to my surprise I was physically and emotional healing daily.

After spending a couple years and thousands of dollars, I became a Reiki Master Teacher.

It was during my third year of practicing and teaching that I realized how many people would benefit from learning to incorporate Reiki into their lives starting at its core level to the master level.  I had written work books on every Reiki Level for all my students to take home after they attended class; it was then I decided that Reiki should be offered to everyone at a price everyone could afford. The result of that decision is The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course you see here today.

So as you can see, I have strong feelings for Reiki, and it is a permanent part of my life. I am honored and privileged to be able to share my understanding of Reiki with you through this home study course, which is the best tool for you to begin moving your life and health in the direction you want.

This course is where I lovingly share what I have personally discovered about the power of Reiki and how Reiki will help your life.

Discover Reiki through “The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course”,

…the most advanced and affordable Reiki home study course for anyone seeking a balanced life, for healing arts and other health professionals who want to expand their services or incorporate this course to teach Reiki.

Important Facts about the Secret OF Reiki Home Study Course!

  • Anyone can use Reiki to improve their overall health and wellbeing. It is a solid foundation for a lifetime of wellness.
  • The Secret Of Reiki Course has been sold all over the world in the past 4 years for personal use as well as a teaching manual many Master Teachers have incorporated in their classes and Reiki circles!
  • The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course was created to be the most in-depth Reiki home study course available anywhere, and it is ideal for people who are brand new to Reiki.
  • The language is clear and simple, and you will learn Reiki at your own pace!
  • The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course delivers everything you need to give a basic Reiki treatment to yourself or others, and will teach you to the Master Reiki level.

‘The Secret of Reiki’ Home Study Course Reiki at every level through Mastership

Reiki Healing directs spiritually-guided, life force energy to promote healing at many levels, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Reiki promotes balance and harmony in your everyday life…“Rei” pronounced “ray” means: spiritually guided wisdom – “Ki” pronounced “key” means: life-force energy. Reiki in Japanese is the combination of the two words. The energy used in Reiki or the “Reiki Energy” allows the body to heal and balance itself by changing or shifting the energy flow in the body.



Allow me to guide you to Reiki mastery with The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course. As you’ll soon discover, Reiki is “learned” and measured in three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Mastery.

How far you want to go in Reiki is up to you, but most people, once they experience the healing energy of Reiki and see the dramatic improvements that it can produce in their lives choose to stay involved and learn Reiki for many years, sometimes becoming Reiki Masters and possibly Reiki teachers themselves!…

Learn Reiki, and let me help you incorporate it into your life at a pace that works for you.

Let me help you incorporate Reiki into your life at a pace that works for you.

With illustrations and easy-to-follow techniques, enjoy meditations, healing skills, using your intuition, becoming fully aware of your thoughts and actions and So many more Wonderful life changing benefits!!!

You will see remarkable results when you start to learn the techniques, begin your own personal process of attunement, and begin to practice this science as documented by Dr. Mikao Usui, the “discoverer of Reiki, but organized and delivered by me, Kimberlee Cusumano.

Does This Sound Enjoyable To You? Of Course It Does, And It Is So Easy To Get Started!…


  • Reiki uses the powerful energies within each person to heal and enlighten.
  • Reiki detoxifies the body, eliminating the causes and effects of imbalances.
  • Reiki is a gentle channel of energy, not an intellectual pursuit.
  • Reiki heals by raising the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body.
  • Reiki feels warm and relaxing, and can be practiced in or out of the meditative state.
  • Reiki Healing will enhance every area of your life, including your creative, energy, health, prosperity, and happiness.

The Secrets of Reiki Home Study Course table of contents

Now that you know why I created this course, and what is included, you can order with confidence knowing that your full satisfaction is assured.


The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course In A Convenient Adobe PDF Format!

You’ll get all 100 pages filled with all of the information you need.

The Entire The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course
In Audio Format!

Don’t like to read? Or Do you do a lot of driving? You can listen to the entire course in a convenient and highly portable audio format.

Signed Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Upon successful completion of The Secret of Reiki Home Study Course, made available to you is a signed and stamped Reiki Practitioner Certificate, available by order.


The value of this home study course cannot be overstated. Though it is the most in-depth and accessible home study course out there, it is also the best value when you consider the contents, the benefits to you.

I look forward to working with you to help you enjoy all of the benefits or Reiki as quickly and as smoothly as possible!



Reiki Master Teacher

Order With Assurance And Peace Of Mind